Kevin the Locksmith has years of experience sorting problems with keys

If you misplace or break the keys to your home, Kevin the Locksmith can provide a fast, cost effective, friendly and reliable solution.

The process of replacing your lost or broken keys is simple.

Help! I'm Locked Out Of My Home!

If you've left keys inside, or have something stuck in the lock, give Kevin the Locksmith a call.

We can gain entry to the building and ensure you have access.

I've Lost My Keys!

If you've lost your keys, we can get you back in to the building and also replace old keys with a new set of keys.

If necessary we will replace the lock so no-one else can use the old keys.

My Key Is Broken!

Sometimes old keys get worn down or become bent, preventing them from working.

We can get you back into your building and replace the keys or locks as necessary.

My Keys Have Been Stolen!

If you have a problem with stolen keys we will gain entry to your home or office.

Once we are inside we will replace the lock, providing a unique set of new keys for you.

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