Kevin the Locksmith can provide emergency locksmith services to your premises

We aim to reach properties in Worthing and the surrounding areas within 1 hour.

Prices can be quoted over the phone, so you know how much the emergency locksmith service will cost you before booking.

There are many reasons to call an Emergency Locksmith:

I've Been Locked Out Of My Home

"I've locked my keys in my house..." and "I don't know where my keys are.." are common problems faced by all of us at some point.

Kevin the Locksmith can help by gaining safe, non-destructive entry to the building to let you inside.

I have a Broken Lock

Sometimes your locks can get damaged and stop working properly. This can be due to weather damage, age, lack of lubrication, corrosion or other factors.

We can repair locks so they are back to full working order. If they are beyond help, we'll recommend and fit a great value replacement lock.

I've Lost My House Keys

If you've lost your keys somewhere, we can get you back in to the building without causing damage.

If you wish, we can replace your lock(s) so no-one else can gain entry using the old keys.

My Key Is Broken

Sometimes old keys get worn down or become bent, preventing them from working properly.

We can cut you some new keys that work with your existing locks.

My Keys Have Been Stolen

If you realise "Someone as stolen my keys!", Kevin the Locksmith can gain safe entry to your home or office.

Once we have gained entry in a non-destructive manner, we'll replace locks and provide a set of brand new keys for you.

My House Has Been Burgled

If you've had the misfortune of being burgled, Kevin the Locksmith can replace locks and keys to make your house secure.

We can recommend up-rated locks that will offer a higher level of security.

We can also fix locks that have been damaged during a break-in, if budget is a concern.