Remove the burden of large numbers of keys

Kevin the Locksmith offers a Keyed Alike service for new and existing locks.

This is where a number of compatible locks in your property are re-keyed to all work from the same key.

We can reduce your property's collection of keys down to just one or two.

Does your home or business have lots of different keys?

You can easily reduce the number of keys you need to carry by 50-75%.

Keys Keyed Alike
Keys Keyed Alike

How does it work?

Any doors that use the same type of key can be re-keyed to work from the same single key.

This involves changing the tumblers within the locks so they all match the one key.

If the locks are not the same type, we can replace them with new locks, pre-set to use the same key.

What about Master Key Systems?

Master Key Systems work by installing locks with their own individual different keys, but also providing a single 'Master Key' that works with them all.

This is useful for when access needs to be limited to certain areas.

This feature is popular with our commercial clients, but also for parents or landlords who need to maintain access to multiple sites.

To find out which of your locks are compatible, contact us now.

Locks for new properties

We can combine keys from many of the leading lock manufacturers: