Could a criminal easily gain entry to your home?

Without the right locks fitted to your property, it can be disturbingly easy for a determined thief to enter your home.

Many people don't realise how easy it is to enter a property with poor security.

Your security can be greatly improved with the addition of modern British Standard locks. These include features such as anti-snap, anti-bump and anti pick functionality.

Kevin the Locksmith stocks kite mark certified locks, ready to be fitted to your property with minimum hassle.

 Our mobile locksmith service can fit many security devices, including:

  • Multipurpose door bolts
  • Patio door bolts
  • Euro mortice sash & deadlocks
  • Nightlatches
  • Door viewers
  • Door chains
  • Mortice & sashlock handles
  • Sash window deadlocks
  • Rim lock sash jammers
  • Sash window bolts
  • Rack bolts
  • Necked door bolts
  • Hasp & staple locks
  • Birmingham Bars
  • London Bars
High Security Door Latch
Night Latch Security
Security Door Chain
Home Security Door

Review your home security now

Any service provided by Kevin the Locksmith includes a free review of your current home security. We can evaluate your whole house, including windows, doors and outbuildings.

We can offer recommendations to comply with contents insurance specifications.