We provide a rapid service to gain non-destructive entry to your premises, where possible

We can enter your property, normally without damaging the current doors or locks.

As fully trained locksmiths, there are a number of methods we can use to enter your property.

What methods do you use to get through locked doors?

There are a variety of tried and tested methods available to a trained locksmith.

Although we don't like to disclose methods used in any detail for security reasons, some of the techniques involve:

  • Custom keys that can work in specific types of locks.
  • Specialised devices that can be inserted in a lock to allow mechanisms to release
  • Manual lock-picking - very time consuming for the untrained individual
  • Analysis of doors and frames to review hinge or mechanism removal
  • Latch-release devices that avoid damage to surrounding frames

In rare circumstances, entry may involve minor damage to doors or lock mechanisms, however we always carry the correct parts to replace any components.

How long will it take you to gain entry to my door?

There are no time guarantees when it comes to accessing locked doors, however it can take between 1 minute and an hour.

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