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Kevin the Locksmith is a father and son family business that offers a wide range of professional and reliable locksmith services in Hove. This includes our emergency call-out service. We pride ourselves on providing excellent value for money and the highest levels of service.

We can often reach properties in Hove and the surrounding areas within 15-45 minutes of a call.

Locksmith call-out prices can be quoted over the phone, so you know how much the locksmith service will cost you before making your booking.

The Hove area also includes:

BN1, BN2 & BN3 - Albion Hill, Aldrington, Bevendean, Black Rock, Brighton, Brunswick, Central Hove, Clifton Hill, Cliveden Close, Coldean, Elm Grove, Falmer, Fishersgate, Hangleton, Hanover, Hollingbury, Hollingdean, Hove, Hove Park, Kemp Town, Level, London Road, Marina, Mile Oak, Montpelier, Moulsecombe, New England Quarter, Old Town, Ovingdean, Patcham, Portland Street, Portslade, Preston, Queens Park, Regency, Roedean, Rottingdean, Roundhill, Old Steine, Saltdean, Seafront, Seven Dials, Stanmer, St. Ann’s Well, St. James’s Street, Southwick, Southern Cross, Waterhall, West Blatchington, Westdean, West Hill, West Hove, Withdean, Whitehawk, Woodingdean

BN43 - Adur, Mill Hill, Old Shoreham, Shoreham Airport, Shoreham Beach, Seafront, Shoreham by Sea

Reasons to call a locksmith in Hove:

I've Been Locked Out Of My Home

"I don't know where my keys are.." and "I've locked my keys in my house..."  are common problems faced by many us at some point.

Kevin the Locksmith can help by gaining safe, non-destructive entry to the building to let you inside.

I Have a Broken Lock

Sometimes locks can get damaged and lock mechanisms can fail. This may be due to weather damage, age, lack of sufficient maintenance, corrosion or further factors.

Our Hove locksmiths can fully repair locks and bring them back to working order. If the locks are beyond help, we can recommend and install replacement locks.

I've Lost My House Keys

If you've lost your keys somewhere, we can get you back in to the building without causing damage.

If you wish, we can replace your lock(s) so no-one else can gain entry using the old keys.

My Key Has Broken

Old keys can get worn down or become warped, which prevents them from working correctly.

Our Hove locksmiths can cut you new keys on-site, that will work with any existing locks.

My Keys Have Been Stolen

"Someone has stolen my keys!" is always a terrible moment to experience. Don't worry, our Locksmith can gain entry to your Hove home or business.

After gaining non-destructive entry, we can rapidly replace your locks then provide you with a set of brand new keys.

My Home Has Been Burgled

Unfortunately, many people experience the misfortune of a burglary. Our Hove Locksmiths can make houses secure by replacing locks and keys.

We have many up-rated locks we can recommend that will offer an improved level of security.

We can also repair locks that were damaged during any break-in. This can offer significant savings over buying new locks.

I'm Looking for a 'Locksmith Near Me in Hove'

When you have a lock-related problem, it's important to get it sorted as soon as possible.

Kevin the Locksmith is your local Hove lock expert and can get to you within 60 minutes.

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Some DIY checks you can carry out before getting in touch with our locksmiths in Hove:

Emergency Locksmiths HoveDoor locks can encounter a variety of issues within the mechanisms. Here are a few things to look out for:

Are you using the right key?

It may sound obvious, but the simplest solution could be a mix-up with your key you're using - check all similar shaped keys before calling our Hove locksmiths.

Does the lock need some lubrication?

Door locks in Hove are exposed to all sorts of environmental conditions, including the coastal sea air. These can dry out or corrode locks without the right maintenance. Try applying some lubricant like WD40 and if that doesn't work, give our Hove mobile locksmith a call.

Is the lock frozen?

Winter temperatures in Hove can often drop below freezing, meaning any moisture trapped in the lock mechanisms can freeze and stick components together. You can try applying warmth in the form of warm water or a hairdryer to melt the ice. If this doesn't work, there may be a more serious jam that needs a proper locksmith investigation.

Is the key getting caught?

New keys in particular can have rough spots from the key cutting process or from every day wear and tear. Try looking closely at the key for anything rough or jagged and if that fails, try drawing on the key with a graphite pencil before inserting in the lock. This will help 'dry-lube' the parts touching the key.

Is the door latch catching?

If your door doesn't make a satisfying 'click' when pushed closed, or requires excessive effort to shut securely, the latch and the strike plate could be out of alignment. Skilled DIYers may be able to adjust the latch plate on the door frame to allow the latch to sit better. Look for scrape marks on the latch plate which indicate where the two parts regularly make contact. You may find these marks are too close to, or overlapping, the edge of the latch plate.

Sometimes door hinges can be adjusted to improve alignment, but if you don't fancy fiddling with the door, give us a call at Kevin the Locksmith, Hove.

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